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Sri krishna pushya abhishek

Sri Krishna Pushya Abhishek

Sri krishna pushya abhishek

Srila Prabhupada once explained the festival this way: “Krishna was just a toy in the hands of the Gopis, so one day the Gopis decided that we shall decorate Him. Pusya abhisheka means a ceremony to decorate the deity profusely with flowers, ornaments, cloths.

After there should be lavish feasting and a procession through the streets, so that all the citizens should see how beautiful Krishna appears.”

On this 17th Day of January, the day of the Sri Krishna Pusya abhishek, a big gathering of devotees will eagerly wait the blissful darshan of Sri Sri Sri Radha Madhava just after Mangala arati, to receive their shower of mercy. All the collective efforts and services of the devotees are recorded by the eyes of the deities, full of compassion and always ready to reciprocate with their unconditioned mercy. This festival is not to be missed at all!

Sri Krishna Pusya Abhishek Ki Jay!

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