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Maha Harinaam Nagar Sankirtan at Kharghar

Maha harinaam sankirtan 2019

This year, our theme for Janmashtami is "Connecting People to the Spiritual Science of God". As a prelude to accomplish this endeavour, a Maha Harinaam Nagar Sankirtan has been organised by the Sri Sri Radha Madanmohanji Temple and its devotees on Sunday, August 18, 2019, from 4.00 to 7.00 pm. Harinaam Sankirtan is the sublime process of chanting the holy name of the Lord, Shri Krishna in a group/ procession with the sole objective to spread the glories of the holy name and pass on the benefit of chanting and hearing this divine name to the masses.

There is no qualification required to be a part of this event, no race, no cast, no creed barriers separate us. All are invited as we start the Sankirtan from Little World Mall, Kharghar at 4.00 pm sharp and follow a pre-decided route all the way to the Sri Sri Radha Madanmohanji Temple, ISKCON, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Hope to see you one and all for this festival.


It is our pleasure to help you.

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